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Landscape Design

Mike’s Garden can do everything from design consults, plantings to complete landscape renovations including paver patios, walkways and retaining walls. Mike’s garden will make the most of your yard and garden to enhance the year-round enjoyment of your outdoor living area.


Landscape Consult


Make an appointment with Mike’s Garden for a custom landscape design. Mike charges $80.00 ($100.00 if you are out of South Santa Rosa County) to come out to your yard for an on-site design consultation. While at your home Mike will identify your lawn grasses, shrubs, palms and trees. He will assess your homes current design with you and help you decide if you want a more tropical or traditional landscape. He will mark places for ornamental or shade trees for your yard. He can help you decide on bed size and shape and help you pick the right trees, shrubs, grasses, palms, focals, color and accents for your yard.


Advice and choices will focus on curb appeal and an increase in your home’s value. You can count on a $2.00-$4.00 return in your home’s value for every $1.00 you spend on professional landscaping.


Another focus is on ease of maintenance for your new landscape. Your landscape can never be maintenance free, but you can reduce arduous pruning, shaping, and weeding with the right mix of plants in beds that are to scale with your house. You will receive an explanation of plant placement and plant choice that work well with your soil type as well as sun/shade requirements. In the space of 30 minutes to an hour the on-site visit will help you to envision a new look for your home. Within 1 to 3 days a typed proposal will be drafted with price and you are invited to come to Mike’s Garden and see the actual plants to be installed. That way there will be no surprises, only a professional design and professional installation of plants that you know will work and show your home in its best look. We will provide the quote for the finished landscape or any segment of the project to meet your time and budget constraints. If you decide to do your landscape with us the $80 - $100.00 consult fee will be deducted from the total proposal.


Mike's Garden knows each person’s landscape expectation is different and has experience installing a wide-range of traditional and tropical landscapes.


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Open M-F 8:30 am  - 5 pm

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(850) 934-1043

3774 Gulf Breeze Parkway | Gulf Breeze, Florida

Open M-F 8:30 am  - 5 pm | Sat 8:30 am - 1 pm