About Mike's Garden

A Passion for Plants Since 1989

Mike’s Garden is a full service nursery specializing in trees and palms that grow along the Gulf Coast. In addition to ornamental pots and decor, we offer herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides to help you protect the plants in your yard. The fertilizers we offer are specifically manufactured for use on our Southern grasses and ornamentals.

Owner Michael Robertson, has been in the business since 1989, Together with experienced garden personal you can get the advice you need to help you be successful with your lawn and landscape.

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The Gulf Coast Landscape by Mike RobertsonMike's book, The Gulf Coast Landscape is available for sale at Mike’s Garden. Mike authored it for people who are new to the Gulf Coast or are new to the outdoor responsibilities of home ownership.

Check it out when you visit the store. It can save you thousands of dollars by helping you make the right choices for your landscape.

Certified Horticulturist